Composite plate (Dibond) - white/raw, 3mm, 0.2mm cladding - UV printing, cutting into the format


3. Dimensions

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Product Description

Basic Dibond composite plate. Aluminum cladding: one white side, the other silver side, UV printing, cutting into the format

Dibond composite plates with UV printing are suitable for both internal and external use as boards and signs. Oiling one side allows you to easily bend the material, which allows them to make coffers and other spatial forms.

Technical Data

PrintUV print in LED technology does not have a fragrance characteristic of UV printing. Printing resistant to weather conditions.
Finishing descriptionCutting a cutter on CNC plotters
Moc W0,0
Minimum quantity1
AdvantagesHigh stiffness and strength
Packaging informationNa płasko


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