Smart Frame S50D frame - 70x100cm, silver, textile graphics on both sides

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Product Description

Double-sided frame made of 50mm depth profile, silver color, both pages Tipped fabric polyester 210 with graphics, packaging

The frame meets the function of an advertising or decorative wall. It can also be used as a double-sided suspended frame. The profile has a groove, so-called A note that facilitates the attachment of the accessories to the frame. Internal use.

Technical Data

PrintDirect sublimation printing basked in Calland. The print can gently pierce the other side. Ecological printing with water paints. The prints after the sublimation process are odorless and safe for the environment
Moc W0,0
Minimum quantity1
Construction dimension70x100x5cm
Graphics dimension70x100cm
AdvantagesDouble-sided frame, the possibility of using stabilizers, ease of attachment to the accessories
Packing size105x14x14cm
Packaging informationElementy rozłożonej ramy pakowane są w folię piankową oraz w karton



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