Smart Frame S50T LED frame - 50x70cm, silver, rear LED, textile graphics

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Product Description

Frame made of 50mm profiles in silver, rigid back, LED lighting, tensioned fabric SAM ST with graphics, packaging

Thin coffer with LED backlight with textile graphics on the front and rigid back. Ideally suited as a one-sided lightbox attached on a wall or suspended on the links. It can be used as a double-sided frame with one-sided backlight. Internal use.

Technical Data

PrintUV printing in highlight mode with increased saturation. Print from the viewing side. Thanks hardening in LED technology, print does not have a passage characteristic for UV printing.
Moc W23,7
Minimum quantity1
Construction dimension50x70x5cm
Graphics dimension50x70cm
AdvantagesA small frame thickness with backlight, the ability to highlight the rear, the possibility of entering the fabric also on the back of the frame
DefectsLarger dimensions for transport (folded frame), Ability to highlight only one-sided
Packing size55x75x8cm
Packaging informationGotowa rama pakowana w folię piankową, dookoła profil piankowy zabezpieczający, opakowanie kartonowe do transportu.



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