REBOARD layered plate - 10mm - UV printing, cutting into the format - sale of the entire album



3. Dimensions

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Product Description

Pattern plate with a white cladding on both sides and a core in the honeycomb structure, UV printing, cutting into the format

Re-Board with UV printing is a characteristic cardboard material with a honeycomb structure, thanks to which it is extremely light and stiff and durable. It is an interesting advertising and decorative medium especially for projects that require ecological character. Reboard will work in arranging shop windows, exhibition exhibitions, as well as in decorative products.

Technical Data

PrintUV print in LED technology does not have a fragrance characteristic of UV printing. Printing resistant to weather conditions.
Finishing descriptionCutting with a vibration knife on CNC plotters
Moc W0,0
Minimum quantity5
AdvantagesStiff, entirely from cardboard
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