Modular Cube Shape PK1211 - 86x86x86cm - construction


Product Description

Recessed shaped shaped shaped in Modular Cube - 41x profile, 11x connector L3, 7x L4 connector, 3x L5 connector, 1x L6 connector

Buddles of a rectace-shaped two-level platform, used to expose products at the sale site or at the fair. It has five middle spaces. Requires the addition of shelves. The Modular Cube system allows easy and multiple folding and modification of the shape.

Technical Data

Finishing descriptionBlack colour
Moc W0,0
Minimum quantity1
Construction dimension86x86x86cm
AdvantagesFast assembly, the ability to modify the layout
Packing size40x40x20cm 1x paczka na każde 30kg
Packaging informationTunel foliowy, zbiorcze opakowanie kartonowe