OWV Economic adhesive foil - UV printing, cutting into the format

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Product Description

Foil One Way Vision, UV Gel printing, cutting into the format

One Way Vision foil is a popular advertising medium for flat glass surfaces. It is a foil on the glass, which thanks to its unique structure retains semi -transparent properties, and at the same time allows for a full colorful print. One Way Vision foil allows you to present graphics, without limiting the access of light into the interior. The graphics are visible to people outside, obscuring the interior. People in the interior allow you to observe what is outside and provides access to daylight (reduced to 50%). In this way, sites in shops or car windows can perform an additional information surface.

Technical Data

PrintUV Gel printing is a modern UV printing technology on evaluations of Colorado. Printouts in gel technology are characterized by: high abrasion resistance without having to protect them with laminate, high print resistance to washing even with solvents, Ranninity of printouts, Green Guard certificate confirming the ecological of the inks, excellent quality and print colors
Finishing descriptionCutting on cutting plotters to the format or straight shape
Moc W0,0
Minimum quantity10
AdvantagesEconomic foil, does not limit visibility
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