We have created a powerful program for hands-free configuration and pricing of any product from our offer.


From now on, you can configure and price products from anywhere, instantly getting technical information. The Creator is available to you 24/7.

Designing further solutions for clients will become an interesting diversion from daily tasks.

You do not have to wait for a quote.

Standalone configuration

You decide what the final result will be. Change the size, add legs, change the places for holes, add LED lighting. You can observe the changes you make in real-time.

You do not have to wait for a quote.

100% certainty

A precise and clear offer, along with product projections, dimensions, and additional information available with just one click. From now on, generating offers becomes very simple.

Professional offer

A precise and clear offer, complete with product renderings, dimensions, and additional information, is available at a single click. From now on, creating offers becomes very straightforward.

Products available at Kreativia Creator

We present a list of products available for self-configuration.


With the introduction of Kreativia Combinator, we're transitioning to a new, significantly more advanced, faster, and more convenient model of collaboration with our Partners. We aim to make working with us a comfortable and seamless experience for you.


Select a product

On our platform, you will find many products that can be configured. Enter it and start your reconfiguration.



Change sizes, colors, fabrics, bases, suspensions, holes, and many others.



Your changes affect the price. We display it in the bottom right corner all the time. The price updates in real time.



Send your configuration to your account manager. The ball is in our court.



You know when we will produce. You know when we will deliver. You have everything under control.


Augmented Reality

AR Module

See your product in AR

The built-in augmented reality module allows you to preview the final product. This makes it easy to adjust dimensions so that they perfectly fit into your space.

Below is a QR code that you will be able to generate for each of your projects.


Scan the QR Code and discover a new way to check your project. From now on, you can be sure whether the ordered frame, lightbox, pylon, or any other product, will fit into its intended place.

Do you want to experience the Creator in action?

Schedule a free 30-minute demo with us. We'll discuss the key features, show what to look out for, and answer your questions.

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